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wolverine, psylocke, and venom
« on: June 14, 2009, 12:06:03 PM »
after zvitors spiderman i started thinking about any other heroes from the mvc universe that could possibly use a makeover and i came up with 3
1. wolverine
somehow his moves usually make him look like hes having a seisure, especially the back barrage move (or whatever its called) if u look at the sprites for that move it just looks strange. not to mention too but hes got adamantium claws right? adamantium is a type of metal and yet his claws always look like theyve got a rubber pencil thing going on.
-moves to look more solid, less multi hit moves and more lunging ones
-solid claws
-health bar is always increasing in health to symbolize his healing factor
-extend and retract claws (maybe)
-new stance, something like spiderman WOS, or the one he seems to get in the mua games.
-blood when he attacks?

shes actually pretty good, not much needs improvement with her, iv just always felt that she was one of those characters that deserved her weapon at all times, her katana with both hands and using the psycic knife on her opposing forarm once in a while. maybe the classic look to her too. illiminate that butterfly move, its kinda weird, maybe a crimson dawn move.

3. venom
in the comics, tv shows and video games i dont ever recall venom turning into one big mouth and lunging at the opponent, or being surrounded by mouths flying around him, essentially hes a bigger spiderman with claws and sharp teeth, web attacks and pretty much a brawler like fighter, the moves that he has so far seem un-venom. maybe not even that sheild, even that seems far fetched.
-more brawler moves and slash attacks
-no more mouth moves, sheilds, etc.
-maybe he could throw something at the opponent like what the hulk does?
-alot more web based attacks

again these are just thoughts, brainstorming ideas and seeing what people think.

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Re: wolverine, psylocke, and venom
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2009, 12:42:25 PM »
2 of your 3 requests will be answered :)

Fallen_Angel, Big Boss, and BiGPimp plan to make a custom Wolverine as part of the Crisis project :D

As for Venom, check out spaceman's thread in the MUGEN WIPs section here as he's making an all new Venom too.

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Re: wolverine, psylocke, and venom
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2009, 08:47:21 PM »
I cant wait for that new Wolvie  :) I know what they are planning and its gonna be sick