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Zantetsukens endings
« on: June 22, 2009, 01:54:54 PM »
I have been making intro's and ending's for my Mugen for quite a while so I thought I would post it up here to see if anyone is interested in seeing them. Here is a few shots.

I have a fair few already made for characters who don't have endings as yet. I have built a kind of Spec Ops style storyline within my Mugen and taken a few liberties with their storylines because I couldn't read their plots because they all written in Spanish.

These are the endings that I have completed thus far with Anakaris been my next priority.

Adon, Adon EX, Bishamon, Blaze Agent, Blizzard, Belmont Trusdale, M.Bison, Charlie Nash, Carlos Blanka, Mexican Typhoon, Red Cyclone, Chun-Li, Psycho Weapon, Ryu, Ken Masters, Sagat, MB-02 and Cody.

I had a lot more but I'm not happy with them so I am kinda redoing them.

These are the characters I wanted to but in my kinda Spec-Ops project within my Mugen so I am building them kind of original endings.

Red Cyclone
Mexican Typhoon
Adon EX
Athletic Chun-Li (maybe)
Belmont Trusdale
Carlos Blanka
Blaze Agent
Crusher Guile (maybe)
Edward Trusdale
Fallen Vega
Sean EX
Shin Bison
Andore Jr
Dark Bolt
Psycho Weapon
Sean Matsuda
Sevil Nahte
Sonic Machine

I think that should just about cover it, let me know what you think??

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Re: Zantetsukens endings
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2009, 09:58:40 PM »
Like what you've shown so far :) I'm always looking for high quality endings.

have you thought of doing any intos as well ?

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Re: Zantetsukens endings
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2009, 01:44:22 AM »
Oh sorry buddy, I do those too, the first image is MB-02's intro.

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Re: Zantetsukens endings
« Reply #3 on: August 02, 2009, 09:53:20 AM »
I have decided to create a universal intro for my Streetfighter vs Special Ops project.

These characters are not actually created by me but the intros/endings will be so I hope no-one feels I am treading on their toes because I will be taking a few liberties with their storylines.

I will give credit to the creators os said characters so thanks to.

O Illusionata
Smogon Kane
Falchion 22
Basara Kun
Shin Hi
Cannon Musume
Ethan Lives
Dragoon 316

If I think of anyone else I'll be sure to post it back up here and if anyone feels I shouldn't do this then let me know.

A brief rundown of the storyline, basicly M.Bison has decided in order to strengthen Shadowlaw further he has decided to create an army of cyborgs and clones of existing warriors to serve his purposes but unbeknown to Bison one of his lead scientists (Dr Radley) sabotaged the project allowing many of the clones to keep some of the warriors they were cloned froms original memories. In a daring mission Dr Radley managed to free several of the subjects amongst these were Pax, MB-01 and Reject 253 and during this escape Bison was severely injured.

Bison was saved from death after managing to transfer into another body where he became Shin Bison but unfortunately Bison has no idea which of his subjects will turn on him leaving his head scientist Ubu to keep a close eye on them.

Meanwhile a master warrior known as Koga is within the Japanese mountains trying to master and control the dark hadou as taught to him by the legendary warrior Sheng Long. Master Koga has managed to pioneer a unique Ansatsuken style whereby he is trying to control the dark hadou and destroy the demon Akuma. Koga has a strange past having trained with M.Bison before he became a power hungry drug lord.

Koga has many students of which he refuses to teach the full knowledge of the dark hadou knowing full well it can control you like it has Akuma.

Thats about all I have and if you read characters readme files you will see that Reject 253 and Ubu's storylines read nothing like that so I apologise, let me know what you think.