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Onslaught 2.0 and Sentinel released by XSlaught
« on: June 02, 2009, 07:44:04 AM »
quoting XsLaught
Onslaught v 2.0

Onslaught v 2.0 Release for Mugen - by Xslaught

The stage is by P.O.T.S. modified to interact with Onslaught's 2nd Form. It's included with the character. I reripped the stage sprites.

Too many to list. I will name a few. This is a remake.
Reripped all sprites with optimized octree   nearest color reduction method.
Realigned all sprites. All should be aligned with perfect axis including effects except non-MVC/XCOTA sprites which I took from the EOH template.
Most of the velocities came from using Artmoney. The exception is MVC2 type moves which I have no idea how to get perfect velocity data from as of now.
Damage values were taken from Artmoney. However, for gameplay's sake, I adjusted some overly high damage values.
All sound effects were ripped fresh with Nebula Jukebox then trimmed with Audacity. The exception is the announcer sound effects from the EOH template.
His 2nd form is shown behind the stage for his own stage included with this character.

You can change forms by pressing start in training mode. Sentinel is a full playable character for his D, DB, B, K K Hyper

Palettes by Serious Cat


Sentinel Release for Mugen - by Xslaught

Sentinel has every move he's ever had. It's a combination of both X-men: Children of the Atom and Marvel vs Capcom 2.
He has super armor.
You can also charge his Plasma Storm.
He has his blue fire when flying. I used separate sprites for each of the aerial attacks for this.
All throws and the grab move from X-Men: Children of the Atom.

Palettes by Serious Cat

I didn't have beta testers for these. There seems to be an issue of changing to anim 5110 upon entering state 5150. I can't seem to fix it. I believe it's implemented in the engine itself.

Get them both at

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Re: Onslaught 2.0 and Sentinel released by XSlaught
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2009, 08:26:52 PM »

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Re: Onslaught 2.0 and Sentinel released by XSlaught
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2009, 07:29:07 PM »
This is the Best Onslaught I played he accurate to the game MVC wow. Also Sentinel is also good he has a few issues Onslaught said he will release an updated version soon. He posted how to fix the problem at the Guild if anyone is interested. :D :D :D

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Re: Onslaught 2.0 and Sentinel released by XsLaught
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2009, 08:20:38 AM »
The following things were adjusted by XsLaught:

Doorhenge's Apocalypse Now! stage has been modified and included to work with Onslaught.

Changes - 06.05.2009 - Update applies to both as they share the same files.

    * - Removed Onslaught from showing for Sentinel's continue screen -
    * - Removed ability for Sentinel to switch to Onslaught in training mode - onslaught.cmd
    * - Removed cornerpush from MVC2 Plasma Storm. He didn't have it in MVC2. -
    * - Added explosion sound for Sentinel Force and Sentinel Assist upon destruction. Wasn't in the original game. -
    * - Gave him lower hit priority (3, Miss) for

      - Hyper Rush -
     - Claw Crush -
     - Rushing Arm -

    * - Following moves are improved in terms of speed by removing ownpal = 1

    - Magnetic Shockwave -
   - Magnetic Tempest -
   - Sentinel - F+SP - Rocket Explosion. Removed all those unnecessary ownpal = 1 from the explods -
      - Unsure of how much it speeds gameplay up since I do not have a slow computer to test it.

    * - Added ScreenBound for Hyper Grav Orbs -
    * - Depowered Sentinel's Super Armor a bit. -
    * - Amplified sounds by 10 Db - onslaught.snd

     - all except intro music and EOH template sounds

    * - Fix Statedef 41 (Super Jump) from freezing -
    * - Fix Statedef 452 (MVC2 - Crouching Strong Punch) -
    * - Change Command for Sentinel's U,D,z to hold D+z- onslaught.cmd
    * - Speed up Magnetic Tempest - - Unsure since I don't have a slow computer

     - Removed the ownpal = 1. Hopefully this will speed things up

    * - Reduce sprites in Sentinel - sentinel.sff
    * - Implemented failsafes for throws -
    * - Medium throws -
    * - Grab - throws -
    * - Strong throws -
    * - Added compatibility for Doorhenge's XMvsSF Apocalypse Now! stage - with permission - included -,, onslaught.air, onslaught.sff
    * - Added compatibility for my own MSHvSF Apocalypse Now! stage since I couldn't get in touch with KFM, I made my own.
    * - Realign Sentinel Special Dust -
    * - Fix Onslaught 2nd Form KO Pos Y -
    * - Fixed stage parallax effect for Onslaught's Sentinel Summon move -

      - For NYC stage, the 2 Apocalypse Now! stage

    * - Wall hit spark and sound for Sentinel himself - 5030 -
    * - Hit ground anim implemented for Sentinel himself -,
    * - Take damage for moves that attempt to put him in a custom state -
    * - Rocket Punch - Hits "downed" (falling) opponents -
    * - Reduced the frequency of Sentinel Force used by Onslaught's 2nd Form for his AI.

     - Changed Random < 50 to Random < 30 out of 1000. :-/ - onslaught.cmd

    * - Increase Sentine's stun threshold and make it so he can't be stunned right after being stunned.

    - Changed his threshold to 6000 instead of 3000. This is double the amount it takes for him to become dizzy.

    * - Reduce damage values for XCOTA D A.SK
    * - HitOverride fixed. Weird how NotHitBy accepts value of SCA to work for everything and HitOverride doesn't.

   - This fixes the opponent attempting to throw and failed.

    * - Added missing "whiff" sound for Onslaught (2nd Form)'s punch
    * - Added option for resurrection for whoever wants him to be cheaper :/

Giving the player his life back for resurrection is still in test. It's worked for me so far.
Go to Statedef 15000 -

remove the Null

[State 15000, Resurrection]   ; Remove to remove resurrection
type = Null;ChangeState
trigger1 = !Var(50)
trigger1 = !Time
trigger1 = Life < (Floor(GetHitVar(damage)))
value = 15150
ignorehitpause = 1

    * - By popular demand, separating his form has been implemented if you looked in the code.


To play as only his 2nd form

Remove the Null for
[State 190, Onslaught (2nd Form) - Debug]
type = Null;VarSet
trigger1 = 1
var(50) = 1

To play as only his 1st form:

Remove the Null for
[State 190, Onslaught (1st Form) - Debug]
type = Null;VarSet
trigger1 = 1
var(50) = 0