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Comic Book Revolution Reviews: Guardians of the Galaxy #25
« on: July 21, 2009, 12:09:26 PM »
Amazing Spider-Man #599

Synopsis: The issue begins with Harry, in his American Son armor, fighting with his father, who is in his Iron Patriot armor. Harry is getting his ass whooped as Peter is crawling on the ground trying to get up.

As Peter watches Harry and Norman fight, he starts flashing back to his and Harry's time in college when they were kicked out of a frat party. In the flashback, we see that Harry just had a meeting with his dad and that he was angered after his dad told him he was useless and that Harry should be more like Peter. After the meeting with his dad, Harry felt like punching someone and he did not want to punch Peter so that is why he punched a guy at the frat party. Upon hearing his story, Peter tells Harry that from this moment on that they are brothers.

Back to the present, Harry and Norman continue their fight. Norman tells his son that he offered Harry everything. Even the chance to kill Spider-Man. Harry says that he did want Spider-Man to die but that after learning that Norman impregnated Lily that Harry now wants Norman dead. Norman cracks a smile and says "You have to admit, it is funny as hell." (Man, that's cold Norman. Though, I can't say I'm surprised he finds that funny.)

Harry uses the shield on his armor as a battering ram and sends Norman flying out of the Avengers Tower and into a nearby park. Lily/Menace sees Norman being knocked out of the Tower and goes after him to see if he is safe.

As that is going on, Harry spots Spider-Man without his mask on and hiding in the shadows. Peter, with tears in his eyes, tells Harry he is sorry for leaving him alone to face Norman. After staring at a maskless Spider-Man for a moment Harry speaks up and tells Peter that his helmet shut of the vision so he does not know Spider-Man's identity. Harry tells Spider-Man to stay out of his business.

In another part of Avengers Tower the security guards are trying to help everyone to evacuate the building. Norah is running down the stairs. Norah gives a kiss goodbye to the guy who helped her get the information on Norman. Norah leaves the building thinking to herself that she has a hell of a story to write.

The scene switches to the park were Norman landed. Norman tells his H.A.M.M.E.R agents to inform the media this is all a training exercise and that the (Dark) Avengers are on crowd control.

Lily/Menace finally arrives to were Norman is and ask if he is okay. Before they can get into a serious conversation, Harry attacks Norman and they resume their fight. Norman and Harry start to brawl with Norman gaining a clear advantage. Norman punches Harry hard enough to break Harry's helmet. Suddenly, Spider-Man, with a makeshift mask/cloth, attacks Norman from behind.

Spider-Man uses his webs to toss Norman to the ground. Spider-Man is then attacked by Menace and her glider. Even though Spider-Man thinks to himself that he does not have any more energy he is still able to make sure Menace does not interfere in Harry and Norman's fight by making her crash her glider into the ground.

Harry and Norman continue their fight. Harry has the advantage this time around. Harry is able to destroy the Norman's helmet. Harry goes for the finishing blow. Suddenly, Spider-Man, after remembering what Wolverine told him, stops Harry.

Spider-Man repeats Wolverine's words to Harry and tells him if he really does want to finish Norman off to aim for the neck and not the head. Harry ask what exactly Spider-Man is trying to do. Spider-Man says that if Harry really does to kill Norman he would only become the son Norman wanted.

Harry thinks it over and as it looks like Harry will actual go through with it he takes off all of the American Son armor off and says his goodbye's to Norman. (He does not call him father. He actually does call him Norman.)

A couple hours later at Columbia University Medical Center Peter is in bed all bandaged up,. Peter makes an excuse of having been involved in a hit and run. Peter is visited by Aunt May and Jay. After some nice banter between Peter and Aunt May, were we find out Aunt May has both a Facebook and Twitter, she leaves with Jay. Peter then looks at some flowers that Harry sent him.

The scene switches over to a doctor's office where Harry ask his doctor if she can prescribe him something to deal with a "medical trial" drug he received. (The supersoldier drug his dad gave him in Amazing Spider-Man #596.) The doctor asks Harry what he took. Harry does not responds. The doctor then prescribes Harry some Oxycontin.

The scene switches to Norah's apartment were Norah is talking to Ben Ulrich over the phone saying she got the story. As she talks to Ben she is watching the video she got with footage the guy she stole the keycard from. The video also shows Norah using the keycard. This freaks Norah out and she tells Ben that maybe she does not have a story and that she will talk to him later.

Back at Avengers Tower, Norman is hugging Lily's pregnant belly talking to their soon to be born son. After shutting Lily up, Norman tells his unborn son that he will be his heir. Norman tells Lily that the baby kicked which gives Lily a frighten look. End of issue.

To see this review, more pics, and commentary by the author, go to:

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Invincible #64
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2009, 08:19:29 PM »
Invincible #64

Synopsis: Conquest is laughing at Invincibles threat to kill him. He invites Invincible to do his worst and the two fly at each other. Invincible punches Conquests metal fist so hard it shatters. They trade blows then Invincible bites a chunk out of Conquests arm, Conquest pushes him off but Invincible flies right back at him.

We see Eves corpse, her eyes open, she glows pink and suddenly is surrounded by pink energy while Invincible is shouting that Conquest will die. The pink aura catches Invincibles attention and Conquest gets a cheap shot in.

Eve suddenly blasts Conquest, searing his upper half and most of his legs (all the while being naked, not sure why shes naked, but Im not complaining) Conquest is missing most of his skin and seared down to muscle. Even like this he wants to kill Eve after she passes out. Invincible shouts that he wont touch her.

After knocking Conquest down Invincible thinks hes won and tries to punch him. Conquest catches his fist and breaks it, mocking him. Invincible starts head butting and asks if hes still having fun, Conquest (like the greatest ****ing villain in the history of comics now) answers Heh, I take the good with the bad (All of a sudden Joker and Magneto dont look so impressive)

Invincible repeatedly headbutts Conquests head into slush. Invincible crawls away to find Eve and finds her naked (again, not complaining) and they talk for a second, they then both pass out as Eve asks why shes naked (dont rock the boat, Eve, this is almost as engaging as the fight) they then are found by Cecil as well as other heroes.

The Good: Despite being a fairly short read, Invincible #64 perfectly caps off the amazing Conquest story arc. After all thats happened I wasnt expecting this at all. My expectations where for a big cool fight, but Kirkman blew me out of the water and made my jaw drop so many times.

Though really I have to give top credit to not just Kirkman by Ryan Ottley. Usually I wait until near the end of the review to discuss the artwork, but I cannot wait with this issue. I have to say it right away; Ottley is one of the best artists in the business right now. He isnt always perfect, but as of the last few issues his art has gone to a new level of incredible.

Every page, panel and little detail looks incredible. Thats also thanks to the inker and colorist but theres no reason why Ottley shouldnt be getting as much credit as Kirkman here for telling such an incredible story.

Now every moment was great here, I loved Conquest most of all. Hes such a great villain Im almost upset that hes dead. I had high hopes for the villain as it is but now I think I have a favorite villain. Hes so sadistic, crazy and wild that how could I not love this? His final line I take the good with the bad should speak volumes for how amazing this villain is.

Of course the main thing I should be talking about is Eve surviving. I knew shed come back one way or another, what with the Future Eve that talked to Mark many issues back. But god I never expected right after her killing, and her revival wasnt just random either.

Eve coming back to life was a crucial twist in the Conquest story arc because with that surge of power she weakened Conquest enough for Invincible to kill him. This is a crucial twist and part of what made me love this storyline even more. She doesnt just randomly get better and it has no impact on the story.

Some may say Eve surviving is a cop out, but it only would be if she didnt do anything. If she was just randomly back alive and it would be like nothing happened then yeah it would have been a cop out.

This was a very satisfying conclusion to a great story arc that anyone who has ever been fan of Invincible should read. Its great, a little over the top, but great and its something that I guarantee you will love if youve ever enjoyed Invincible.
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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Invincible #64
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2009, 07:55:47 PM »

Comic Book Review: Green Lantern #44: Blackest Night

Synopsis: We begin with a black power ring smashing through the tomb of Martian Manhunter. We see Black Lantern Martian Manhunter break out of his casket. We cut to Hal and Barry investigating Bruces grave. Hal narrates that both he and Barry and cops. Hal says that Barry is the good cop.

Our heroes wonder who stole Bruces skull. Hal and Barry wonder who would know where Bruce was buried and who would know that Bruce was Batman. The two friends engage in a bit of witty banter. Suddenly, Black Lantern Martian Manhunter arrives on the scene.

Zombie Jonn says that neither Hal nor Barry should be alive. Hals ring scans Jonn and informs Hal that Jonn is dead. Jonn turns invisible and attacks Hal and Barry. Jonn says that Hal and Barry were his friends. Jonn says that he has come back to help both Hal and Barry.

Jonn asks Barry how he would feel if he had to leave Iris and Wally behind again. Jonns ring reads fear from Barry. Jonn then tells Hal that if he had died at the right time after being Parallax then Hal would have gone straight to hell. Jonns ring then reads willpower from Hal. Jonn comments that Hal no longer subjects himself to guilt and rage over being Parallax. Jonn says that once again Hals heart is full of willpower.

Jonn grabs Hal and is about to rip Hals heart out of his chest. Barry then launches himself into the air and grabs Hal out of Jonns clutches. Hal then uses his power ring to provide for a safe landing for our two heroes inside of a nearby building. Hal tells Barry that he saw a black power ring on Jonns hand. Hal then tried to contact Salaak on Oa. Hal gets no response. Hal tells Barry that communication with Oa is down.

Suddenly, the building begins to shake. We cut to outside and see Jonn lifting up the entire building. Jonn then flies the building into another building. Jonn says Im as powerful as Superman. Why does everyone forget that? (Great two lines!)

We cut to Oa where Scar has the other Guardians trapped in black goo. The Guardians ask Scar why she would betray them. Scar replies that she is just finishing the Guardians mission that they started billions of years ago. Scar says that she is bringing order to the universe. Scar says that the Manhunters failed. That the Green Lanterns failed. Scar says it is time for a new army to step up and save the universe.

Scar says that emotions cause chaos. That emotions push people to places that they should not go. That emotions push people to want things they should not have. Scar says that emotions are the source of chaos. Scar says the only way to eliminate chaos and halt the growth of the emotional spectrum is to annihilate all sentient life.

Scar says that the Black Lanterns are collecting hearts full of the splintered light. Scar says that soon it will be his turn to rise. Scar says that the Guardians need their rest for what is to come. Scar tells the Guardians to sleep. Scar then vomits up more black goo over the Guardians.

We cut back to Earth where Barry and Hal are trying to figure out how Jonns corpse was re-animated. Hal responds that he was not that close to Jonn after Jonn left the JLA.

Hal says that Jonn distanced himself from everyone and that Jonn felt more alien. Barry responds that Jonn was not alien. That Jonn was alienated.

Suddenly, Martian Manhunter appears in front of Barry and tells him that Barry cannot outrun death.

Barry starts hammering away at Jonn with a ton of super speed punches. Jonn then says Stop. We then see that Jonn is really Hal Jordan. That Jonn used his telepathy to trick Barry into attacking Hal. Martian Manhunter then appears and quickly takes down both Hal and Barry.

We cut to Space Sector 1313 where John Stewart is sitting among the wreckage that once was the planet Xanshi. John thinks about how Fatality told him that John needed to forgive himself about Xanshi.

Suddenly, thousands of black power rings come crashing into the scene. The rings say Flesh. Xanshi. Rise. John comments that this is not good. End of issue.

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He he what a great line the manhunter has :)

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Amazing Spider-Man #600
« Reply #4 on: August 01, 2009, 07:43:59 PM »
Comic Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man #600

Over 100 pages in this issue, all reviewed here.

Synopsis: We begin with Doctor Octopus talking to a Dr. Louis recounting the amount of times he has suffered a concussion. He says the first time he suffered a concussion was back in his first encounter with Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #3). He then recounts other instances with Captain America, Hammerhead, Ultron, Daredevil, and Sandman and says in total he has had 86 separate case of a concussion.

Dr. Louis explains to him that all the radiation he has been exposed to due to what caused his arms to originally attach to him has caused his system not to recover from all the concussions he has suffered and that he has at most 18 months before something happens, but is cut off by Doc Ock before she reveals what. Doc Ock lashes out at her saying he will not go away being a nothing and he will make it so no one ever forgets his name.

Four months later we see Spider-Man and Daredevil are fighting some villains at The Bar with No Name. One of the villains, Boomerang, throws one of his boomerangs at Spider-Man who uses his webs to throw it back at him. Blindside then grabs Daredevil thinking he will be able to blind him but is thrown through the bar window for his efforts. The cops arrive on the scene which causes all the villains in the bar to make their escape, among them is Hydroman who escapes through a toilet.

Spider-Man and Daredevil are shown on the roof handing over all of the bad guys to Captain Watanabe and the cops. Deke, the bar owner, starts screaming at Capt. Watanabe for working with Spider-Man and Daredevil, who trashed his bar. Capt. Watanabe tells Deke he was running a bar that was a secret location for villains to come to and that he does not have a liquor license leaving him speechless.

Spider-Man and Daredevil start swinging across the city talking about how they just shutdown the supervillain hang out. Spider-Man addresses Daredevil by his name and says it is not fair that he knows Daredevil's real identity of Matt Murdock but he does not know who Spider-Man is. Daredevil tells Spider-Man to stop and not to reveal his identity to him.

He tells Spider-Man that he should count himself lucky that he was able to put the genie back into the bottle and have it so no onethinks to himself what a buzz kill Daredevil is.

Over at the Front Line Ben is telling all of his reporters that if he sees another front page with J. Jonah Jameson on the cover he is going to lose it. Peter then walks in telling Ben he has his front page news item: Spider-Man and Daredevil taking down the Bar with No Name. Ben says he appreciates it but that Peter should be at his Aunt May's rehearsal dinner. Peter says he'll be there in no time.

Peter the boards a stuffed subway thinking to himself that he should have just put on the Spider-Man costume and swung to the dinner.

Over at the Jay and May's rehearsal dinner both Jay and May are thanking their guest for coming. As they talk to the Robertsons and Norah Peter finally makes it making the excuse he had to make a stop at the paper which Norah calls him out on. Randy tells Pete good luck getting himself out of this one but May is quick to forgive him as is Jay. Jay then walks off saying he has somethings to do. May tells Peter how hard everything has been on Jay and that she will need Peter to be there to walk her down the aisle. Peter says he would never miss it and that he will always be there for Aunt May.

We cut to various parts of New York City were Doc Ock is commanding his octobots to hack into various technological items: street lights, taxis computers, and telephones. Doc Ock puts on a helmet that relays to all the information in his head into the various octobots. Before he can give his octobots further orders he sees a video of Spider-Man swinging through the city and immediately destroys that TV screen in anger.

He then sees the wedding announcement of Jay and May's wedding. He starts thinking back on what life could have been with her (Doc Ock and Aunt May almost get married way back in Amazing Spider-Man #131). Doc Ock then gets out of his moment of lapse saying he can't waste time.

Over at Aunt May's house Peter answers the phone and is told that the reception hall for Jay and May's wedding got double booked. The bad news just keeps coming as May and everyone receives calls saying the catering service has been shutdown, the priest is no longer certified to perform the ceremony, and that Jay has to provide the records from his previous marriage which he does not have. May starts worrying about everything so Jay decides he has to go to what he thinks is the source of the problems.

Over at Bryant Park Mayor J. Jonah Jameson is holding a press conference for his next brilliant idea swimsuit models of NYC (JJJ has my vote for re-election). Norah questions JJJ's decision with the mayor saying he has all the best intentions of the city with this decision. Jay comes in and calls his son selfish. He tells his son to stop sabotaging his wedding. Jay walks away telling his son that he may be the mayor of the city but he is not old enough that he can't be put across his father's knee. (d*mn! Old JJJ just got punked by his own father in front the press. Not good for the political image.)

A few hours later Jay enters his apartment at Atlas Towers were he says he will make thinks right for the wedding. He decides to de-stress by golfing. As he picks up his golf clubs he is attacked by octobots.

Over at Flushing Cemetery May is at Ben's grave talking to her deceased husband and informing him she met a good man and she is getting married. She tells Ben that she is starting to have doubts about the wedding and she just needs a sign that she should go through with the wedding.

The scene switches to Peter's apartment where he is talking to Carlie on the phone and asking if she wants to go to the wedding together. As Carlie is about to accept May calls Peter telling him she has a terrible feeling and that she can't reach Jay anywhere. Peter tells May he will go find him and then asks Carlie, who was on hold, if she would meet him at Jay's apartment.

Peter then swings off into the city as Spider-Man trying to reach Jay's apartment. His spider-sense starts acting up and is attacked from a utility pole. As he tries to recover Spider-Man is attacked by all sorts of technological devices: utility poles, light posts, cars and fire hydrants.

Over at Atlas Towers Carlie is walking towards Jay's apartment building when she spots Norah trying to break into his apartment. Carlie asks Norah what she is doing and Norah tells her she came to question Jay on what he said at the park and his neighbors told her they heard weird noices coming from his apartment. They enter Jay's apartment to see that it is a mess and Carlie inspects a golf club that has a dead octobot embedded onto it.

The scene switches over to Doc Ock's secret location where he initiates his Master Planner Program. Doc Ock then runs a simulated image of his old appearance onto every TV, cell phone, and other electronic devices to announce that he has control of every mechanism in New York City.

Mayor Jameson ask his adviser if Doc Ock can actually do that. His advisor asks the mayor if he wants him to call in the guard. Jameson thinking of the NYC budget says they can't be hasty.

At the same time Spider-Man continues to swing through the city as he sees Doc Ock's message and is again attacked by electricity. Spider-Man recovers and clings onto a building where he sees all of the cities lights exploding.

Spider-Man's spider-sense starts going off as he looks up to see a window washer's platform about to fall on him. He jumps out off the way and saves the window washer before the platform

Spider-Man starts telling himself how he wants to help but if he does things will only get worse. That is when the Secret/New Avengers show and tell Spider-Man they will handle it. Spider-Man starts doing his typical banter calling the team Spidey Ladies Auxiliary when Ronan corrects him and says "How many times we gotta tell you, webs? We're the Avengers!"

Spider-Man in his typical annoying self says there is already a team calling themselves the Avengers. Ronin retorts by saying they are the real Avengers. Ronan then ask the team why they have not kicked out Spider-Man yet and ask Wolverine that he listens to him.

Wolverine says it is because Spider-Man knows he will pop a claw in his ass. Wolverine tells Spider-Man to scram. Spider-Man asks if he is still on the team and Wolverine says yes and that he has to leave. Spider-Man tries to get in another comment in but Wolverine says "Pop a claw in your ass." With that Spider-Man leaves telling the team to text him. (Okay I know I shouldn't have but I did laugh at the Wolverine's threat to Spider-Man.)

Spider-Man's cell starts ringing and it is Carlie telling Peter that she is with Norah and that they think they finally found were Jay is. Carlie says she is using the tracking device she used back in the Spider-Tracer killers case to track down some spider-like devices. Before Peter can question Carlie more about where they are Carlie and Norah are attacked by some octobots.

Spider-Man's spider-sense starts going off and he is able to dodge an attack from a construction crane. Spider-Man then figures out that there is one place not even Doc Ock could control: The Baxter Building.

Over at the Baxter Building Mr. Fantastic with the help from his team are building a device that can override Doc Ock's signal. Spider-Man then shows up asking the Fantastic Four for help. Susan tells Johnny to go see what Peter needs.

Johnny tells Peter they are a bit busy. Peter tells Johnny that he needs there help to trace a phone call from his phone as there are some girls in danger. Johnny says why didn't he say so earlier.

The scene shifts to Doc Ock's secret base were Carlie and Norah are being held captive. Both Carlie and Norah introduce themselves to Doc Ock who tells them to shut up. Doc Ock tells the girls that the only reason they were captured is because the octobots classified them as threats to his plans. He then reveals his new look to the girls and welcomes them to "The World of Doctor Octopus."

The scene shifts to Spider-Man and Johnny flying over NYC in the Fantasticar. They land in the location were Carlie's cell was traced to and see the scanner Carlie was using earlier on the ground. Spider-Man tells Johnny that they'll use the scanner to find Doc Ock's location.

They quickly find Doc Ock's secret base and rip open the door not waiting for anyone to open it. As the two of them head over to Doc Ock's location Spider-Man's spider-sense goes off and they turn around to see Jay, Carlie, and Norah each with Doc Ock arms.

Spider-Man and Human Torch do their best to dodge the attacks from all the arms and help the three captives out. After a bit of a struggle Spider-Man and Human Torch are able to disable the arms and rescue Jay, Carlie and Norah. Spider-Man tells Johnny to take the Jay and girls out to safety while he deals with Doc Ock.

We then see that Doc Ock has been watching Spider-Man and Human Torch the whole time and prepares for the fight with Spider-Man.

Spider-Man arrives at Doc Ock's location and is attacked by thousands of octobots. He tries to fight them off but is them attacked by Doc Ock from behind who slams him against his computer. Doc Ock then grabs Spider-Man by the neck, arms, and legs. Spider-Man asks Doc Ock if he can now start calling him Doc Ock and a half with his 12 arms. Doc Ock tells him Spider-Man to be quiet and slams him against some computer equipment.

Spider-Man then uses all of the broken computer equipment and throws all of it at Doc Ock. This distracts Doc Ock long enough for Spider-Man to get on the ceiling and bring all the computer equipment on the ceiling down onto Doc Ock.

As Doc Ock uses all of his arms to hold up all of the equipment Spider-Man gets a hold of Doc Ock's neuro-interface helmet. Spider-Man uses the helmet to first gain control of Doc Ock's arms and knocks him out before he can finish his evil rant. Spider-Man then uses the helmet to gain control of the city and return all of the cities technology to normal as the Avengers, Jameson, and the Fantastic Four stand in amazement that Spider-Man actually saved the city.

The scene switches to May's house where she gets a phone call from Jay informing her that he is okay. May turns to a picture of Ben and thanks him.

Back at Doc Ock's secret base Doc Ock tells Spider-Man that he is dying and he does not have much time left. Spider-Man says he is sorry to hear that but that he is still going to go spend time over at a prison cell in Rykers. Doc Ock does not accept this and has his octobots, which were working on a different frequency than his arms, to attack Spider-Man and help him make his escape.

As Spider-Man is being attacked by hundreds of octobots Human Torch comes in and saves Spider-Man's life by scorching all off the octobots off him and burning only a part of his body. (Spidey is lucky that Human Torch did not scorch off his most important body part. It would have ruined his whole weekend with the wedding in a few hours and plenty of desperate woman attending.;))

Spider-Man and the Human Torch locate Doc Ock who is making his escape with his transporter. Doc Ock leaves telling our two superheroes that he will return and do something great. (Gotta love those evil rants. They never get old.)

The scene switches over to the roof of the Baxter Building were Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers are talking about what just happen. Spider-Man of course feels like he screwed because he used Doc Ock's neuro-interface helmet which transmitted all of his thoughts to all the machines in the city even his identity. Mr. Fantastic reassures Spider-Man that his identity is safe as he wiped out all the information that Spider-Man transmitted off all the machinery.

The Fantastic Four say that they will handle the clean up and that Peter should head to the wedding. As Peter swings off Johnny joins him and informs Peter that Carlie asked him to be her plus one. (Obviously Johnny did not read Barney's "Bro Code.") Peter then says to himself that he should have listened to Daredevil.

Over at Peter's apartment his new roommate Michele (Peter's former roomate's, Vin, sister)who ask Peter if he hates his aunt as he is going to her wedding with bruises on his face. Michele then puts some make-up on Peter to cover up the bruises and asks him who is going with. He says he is going stag. Michele asks what's going to be served at the reception and Peter answers veal picatta or lemon chicken. She then says that she'll get dressed and that Peter will owe her one.

The scene shifts to Bryant Park to the Parker/Jameson wedding were Jameson is holding yet another press conference outside the wedding hall where he tells the press that the feud between him and his father was just a misunderstanding. And then to get some credit he says that he is paying for his father's wedding out his own pocket. (Jameson is a former newspaper editor so the new NYC mayor knows how to use the press to spin a everything so he looks good.)

Inside of the wedding hall Johnny and Carlie are talking about how Johnny used to hang out with Peter, Flash, MJ, Gwen, and Harry back in the day. On the other side of the aisle Randy and Norah arrive and greet Flash and Betty. They then see Peter arrive with his date, Michele, and Flash and Randy say they need to hang out at Peter's place more, which earns Randy a pull of the ear from Norah.

Peter introduces the gang to Michele who reveals that Peter is nervous because he is wearing make-up. With that Peter leaves to go say hi to the bride.

Peter enters his Aunt May waiting room where he and May discuss everything that has happened up to this point. May tells Peter that she knows he has always been worried about her and that he should know that all the good things that have happened to her have happened in quick instances with her romance with Jay to the day Peter's mom, Mary, put him in her hands to Peter walking her down the aisle. She continues by saying that it is every person's responsibility to find those moments and cherish them and calls Peter her son. Peter responds by calling May mom.

The wedding then begins with Jameson Jr. performing the wedding between his father and May with both a touching and condescending speech. (Wouldn't expect anything less from the new mayor.)

We then see in Betty and Flash talk about how Harry is not at the wedding.

In the city we see a taxi stuck in traffic with the person in the taxi asking the driver if he can go any faster.

Back at the wedding Jay and May each say their vows and Jameson Jr. ask if anyone has a reason these two should not wed. No one speaks up so he pronounces them husband and wife.

As Jay and May kiss Peter grabs JJJ by the arm and whisper if he can borrow fifty bucks now that they are related.

Later that night all of the women have gathered around May who is about to throw the bouquet. Peter, Randy, Flash, and Johnny are talking about how quickly all the women went to go catch the bouquet with Johnny he will light the bouquet on fire if Carlie catches it.

May throws the bouquet into the crowd and actually overshoots all of the women in the crowd. At the same moment the mysterious person from the taxi arrives just in time to catch the bouquet. Everyone turns around and see that it is none other than everyone's favorite red-head Mary Jane Watson. End of story.

Rokk's site had a sort of event going on for this entry, so other writer's at his site made their own reviews. To check them out as well, and see this one with it:

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Amazing Spider-Man #600
« Reply #5 on: August 02, 2009, 12:22:29 AM »
THE main problem is that i m sure dock ock will be back.
He died two times before and here he is again.  :(

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Justice Society of America #29
« Reply #6 on: August 04, 2009, 10:53:36 AM »
Justice Society of America #29

Synopsis: We begin with the members of the JSA assembled around Jay Garrick. Jay is holding a heavy egg that is pure black. Jay says he found it lying on the floor. Mr. Terrific suggests that they have Obsidian look at it. Alan calls out for his son to examine the egg. There is no response from Obsidian. Mr. Terrific comments that Obsidian inhabits the brownstone down to its basic particles. Wildcat comments that this is a bad sign.

We cut to Mr. America and All-American Kid arriving at the JSA brownstone. We learn that All-American Kid is a legacy hero. The original All-American Kid was Mr. America's teenage sidekick during World War II. Unfortunately, the original All-American Kid had a short career as he met his untimely death on a mission during World War II. The original All-American Kid was the great uncle of the current All-American Kid.

The Kid says that once he found out that his great uncle was a super hero that he began training relentlessly in order to become the new All-American Kid. The Kid could not resist the challenge of accepting the JSA's publicized policy of welcoming legacy heroes.

All-American Kid arrives at his room where he learns he will be sharing it with another new recruit: King Chimera. King is a haughty jerk who does not want a roommate.

We cut back to the main meeting room where Alan is using his ring to examine the black egg. Alan says that his scans reveal that the black egg is Obsidian albeit in an extremely degraded state. Unfortunately, the light from Alan's ring causes Obsidian considerable pain, so Alan has to stop scanning the egg and cannot do anything further to help without hurting his son. Therefore, Alan asks Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific to take over trying to figure out what happened to Obsidian.

Suddenly, the emergency alarm goes off in the brownstone.

We cut to King Chimera showing off his powers to Mr. American and All-American Kid. Evidently, King Chimera can manipulate sound and light to create realistic illusions that can talk. Suddenly, they hear the emergency alarm go off.

We cut to all the JSA'ers converging in the monitor room where Magog, Wildcat and Flash are seeing what the emergency is about. We see video footage of some random villain named Tapeworm, one of Robin's rogues, calling out Wildcat. Tapeworm says he will start killing hostages if Wildcat does not show up immediately. Tapeworm says that Wildcat must show up alone.

Wildcat is stunned and tells the other JSA'ers that he has never seen Tapeworm before. Magog says that the JSA needs to go in full force and crush Tapeworm quickly before any of the hostages can be harmed. Mr. Terrific then tells King Chimera and All-American Kid to stay behind in the brownstone while the rest of the JSA goes with Wildcat. Mr. Terrific says that he will also stay behind and continue examining the black egg.

The JSA'ers rush off to go stop Tapeworm. Mr. Terrific then snaps for the two new recruits to go to their room. Mr. Terrific says he does not have time to baby sit and needs quiet in order to concentrate on figuring out what happened to Obsidian.

We cut to Wildcat arriving on the scene and standing face-to-face with Tapeworm. Tapeworm says that he will start killing hostages if Wildcat does not do exactly what Tapeworm says. Suddenly, all the hostages disappear. Tapeworm is startled and asks where all the hostages went. Wildcat replies that the Flash whisked them to safety.

Wildcat then smiles and says that he did not come alone. That he brought everyone with him. We see the entire JSA roster appear behind Wildcat. Tapeworm smiles and says that he knew Wildcat would bring everyone with him. Therefore, Tapeworm did the same thing. Suddenly, we see a ton of super villains come out of hiding from behind the rubble of the building that Tapeworm had attacked.

And with that we have a huge brawl between the JSA and the super villains. During the fight, none of the villains want to brawl with Stargirl for some odd reason. Flash narrates how looking back on the fight that it was obvious that the villains had planned meticulously for this showdown. That each villain had trained himself to take on specific members of the JSA. Flash says that the JSA is a hellishly powerful team, yet they were losing this fight.

We slide back to the JSA brownstone with All-American Kid and King Chimera hanging out in their bedroom. King asks All-American Kid to leave the room because King prefers to meditate alone. King closes his eyes and begins meditating.

Suddenly, All-American Kid appears to have his mind possessed. Kid stammers "I mustI need toobey" Kid then gets up and walks out of the room. Kid then struggles with himself and says that he must resist. Kid stammers that he cannot be controlled. Kid then stands up and says "Obey."

We cut to Mr. Terrific studying the black egg. Mr. Terrific says that it makes no sense. Suddenly, we see All-American Kid enter the lab. He has a knife hidden in his hand behind his back. Mr. Terrific asks Kid to return to his room. Mr. Terrific promises to give Kid a full orientation once he is done with these tests.

All-American Kid then stabs Mr. Terrific in the back. All-American Kid says "Obey" over and over. We shift back to the JSA brawling with the villains. The villains continue to take down the various JSA members one by one. All the JSA members fall in defeat.

Jay narrates that it no longer became a question of the JSA's victory in this fight. It became a question of their very survival. Jay says that their survival was very much in doubt.

We cut back to Mr. Terrific lying on the floor of his lab in a pool of blood from his stab wound. Jay narrates "Where we all going to die that night?" End of issue.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #2
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Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #2

Synopsis: The issue begins with CNN and various other news stations running coverage on the wave that struck New York City. The news stations report that millions have died and that mutants are being blamed for the disaster. They also report that they have found a man in a Daredevil costume, who is later confirmed as being attorney Matt Murdock, and Doctor Strange among the casualties. The report ends with the question "What happens next?"

At the Daily Bugle J. Jonah Jameson continues writing the tribute/obituary to Spider-Man. He writes how New York has died today and how he feels loss and hopeless. He continues by saying that his wife is dead, his family and employees are all gone, and that his newspaper is on its final legs. But then he says that with all of this happening all he can think about is Spider-Man and the true hero he was.

Jonah writes about how he may have been the last one to see Spider-Man's last act of heroism before his death. He then says that all he could do was watch in his own self-embarrassment and realize all the sins of his past along with his weakness as a man and corruption as a journalist.

As Jonah continues to write he admits that on numerous occasions he either tweaked or didn't publish a story in order to push the blame onto Spider-Man. He then remembers one such story.

We then flashback to Midtown High school some time ago where we see MJ walk up to an exhausted Peter. MJ asks Peter why he is so tired. He answers that he has school, homework, a job, and a side job as Spider-Man. MJ says that maybe class will be more exciting.

Peter and MJ enter their next class were their teacher is talking about (Geoffrey) Chaucer. But before he can start his lecture the principle makes an announcement over the P.A. system. The principle says that all student and faculty must evacuate the school immediately as the armed forces have informed them that the neighborhood is not safe and is in danger. Everyone rushes outside of the building where they see military helicopters flying over head attacking something from a distance.

We see that what the military is attacking is in fact the Hulk. The attack does not harm the Hulk at all and all of the military forces go in for another attack.

On the roof of Midtown High School Peter puts on his Spider-Man costume and heads down into the middle of the chaos.

Spider-Man tries to stop the military from firing but is attacked from behind by the Hulk. He is able to dodge the attack only to be attacked by the military who are still trying to get to the Hulk. Spider-Man is able to get out of the way of the attack but is thrown across the town by one of Hulk's punches.

Spider-Man ends up going through a Barrucks Coffee shop widow. As he recovers he sees the military and the Hulk still fighting. He heads back to the fight and starts fighting the Hulk one-on-one.

One of the military officers uses the fight between the two as an opportunity to order his men to fire a missile at the Hulk.

While the missile hits the Hulk it does not do any damage to him. Instead it only causes the Hulk to become even angrier and he grabs one of the military tanks and throws across town to a nearby bridge.

The tank that the Hulk through lands on a bunch of cars and causes a school bus to skid off the bridge. Spider-Man is able to reach the bridge in time and use his webs to try and pull the bus back onto the bridge before it falls into the water.

Spider-Man is unable to fully pull the bus back onto the bridge and as it looks like the he can't hang on anymore the Hulk appears and saves the bus from falling.

Everyone on the bus is surprised by the Hulk's appearance. Spider-Man tells everyone on the bus to get off the bus.

As all the students safely exit the bus the Hulk smashes the roof of the bus and reverts back to being Bruce Banner.

Bruce introduces himself to Spider-Man which excites Peter as he has read Bruce's work. Bruce explains that he made a huge miscalculation that now turns him into the Hulk. Spider-Man asks Bruce why he was attacking the military.

Bruce says that the military attacked him and that they have been attacking him because they see him as a monster that they must destroy. He asks Spider-Man where he is. Spider-Man answers New York City much to Bruce's surprise.

Spider-Man asks why the military is attacking him anyways. Bruce says because that is what we do: we attack what we do not understand.

As the two of them talk the military finds them and tells them to freeze. General Ross (?) tells Spider-Man to take off his mask as he is under arrest.

Bruce tries to tell General Ross to leave him alone. Ross starts counting and pointing his gun at Spider-Man and Bruce.

Spider-Man and Bruce try and reason with Ross. Ross counts to three and shoots at them. The bullet is going for Bruce who transforms into the Hulk before the bullet reaches and deflects of his chest.

The Hulk becomes angry at the military for continuing to fire at him and decides to escape instead of dealing with the military again.

Spider-Man tries to get some answers out of Ross who is not paying attention to him at all and tells his men to move out. Ross and the military leave a stunned Spider-Man in the middle of the destruction the Hulk and the military caused.

Jameson continues to write his story by admitting that this was one of many Spider-Man stories that he changed in order to make Spider-Man look like a bad guy. He admits that in his self-delusion as a publisher he decided this was all in the name of journalism.

Jameson admits this obituary to Spider-Man is also his confession for misrepresenting not only the Spider-Man stories but also not understanding why Spider-Man did what he did as a masked vigilante. Jonah talks about how he is actually thankful that heroes like Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man exist to stand up to villains. Jonah says that he can only imagine how these superheroes can make the choices they make and experience.

We then get two images from Ultimate Marvel Team-ups with Spider-Man alone with NYC in the background and Spider-Man in the sewers with the Lizard and Man-Thing, an image from the "Hollywood" arc of Spider-Man and Doc Ock fighting, Spider-Man chasing The Beetle from the "War of Symbyote" arc, Peter standing with the Sinister Six from the mini-series, and finally an image of Spider-Man with all of heroes from the Ultimates.

As we see these images Jameson admits that in the end Spider-Man will stand among the greatest heroes that have existed.

Jameson continues by saying for the next few days and weeks he is sure everyone will hear heart-warming stories of bravery and selflessness as the city rises to even greater glory. He ends his article by saying that better days are ahead for everyone and that everyone should live their lives as Spider-Man did.

As Jonah writes the final lines we see Captain America and Iron Man leading the military, SHIELD agents, fire fighters, and other rescue workers in helping find people in all the rubble in New York City. As they do Iron Man spots something in the rubble and points to Captain America to the spot.

As Captain America starts going through the rubble he sees someone in a Spider-Man costume. As he is able to get all the rubble out of the way we see it is Peter, sans mask. Iron Man shines a light in Peter's eyes and we see Peter slowly opening his eyes. End of issue.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Secret Warriors #6
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Secret Warriors #6

Synopsis: We begin "one hour ago" inside Nick Fury's secret hideout where the Secret Warriors are staying. Daisy comes running into the room and tells the Secret Warriors that her "panic button" just went off. That everyone needs to suit up and get ready to go. Daisy says that she has no idea what exactly they will be jumping into the middle of, but that it probably has something to do with Hydra.

Daisy then asks where Jerry is. Hellfire points to the other room and says that he does not think that Jerry has the heart for going into battle right now.

We cut to Jerry standing by Yo-Yo's bed in the medical bay. Daisy enters the room and mentions how the Life Model Decoy doctors say that Yo-Yo will be better than ever once they are done with her. Jerry asks if Daisy really believes that. Daisy answers "No."

Daisy then asks Jerry if he finally wants to release what has been boiling up inside of him. Daisy asks Jerry if he wants to get even. Jerry glares at Daisy.

We cut to the present time with the Secret Warriors appearing on The Dock while the three way battle between Hydra, HAMMER and Nick Fury's Howling Commandos is taking place. The Secret Warriors immediately start brawling with the Hydra agents. Jerry spies Gorgon and immediately goes to lock horns with Gorgon. Jerry says that he owes Gorgon for what Gorgon did to Yo-Yo.

Gorgon slices Jerry's chest. Gorgon laughs if this is the best that Jerry can do. Jerry gets pissed and suddenly grows giant size and smashes Gorgon. Jerry yells, "How's this?"

We cut to Dum Dum Dugan on the bridge of one of the Helicarriers. Dum Dum uses his pass code to gain control of the Helicarrier. Dum Dum orders that the Helicarrier take off immediately. Nick radios Dum Dum and instructs him to launch the Helicarrier's drones at the Hydra agents. Dum Dum does so.

We slide over to Tokyo, Japan where Viper and Madame Hydra are meeting with the Yashida Board and Silver Samurai. The Yashida Board states that their facilities are now dedicated to the production of the Typhoon Groups' Special Project Division. Viper then asks for the "box."

The head of the Yashida Board then hands over a small golden box that is even older than the Yashida Clan itself. That the box holds within it a legacy of death and madness. That no one who has opened the box has lived to close it. The head of the Yashida Board says that Viper and Madame Hydra do not know what they have asked for.

Viper and Madame Hydra take the box and get up to leave. They say that they have a deal. Silver Samurai gets pissed that all they wanted was the box. Madame Hydra says that once they have arrived safely at their final destination that the families of the Yashida Board will be released safe and sound.

We jump back over to The Dock where the battle still rages between the Secret Warriors, Howling Commandos, Hydra and HAMMER. Baron von Strucker, the Hive and Kraken all realize that it is time that they retreat.

Strucker comments that Nick Fury knew that Hydra was going to be here. Kraken responds that they have a traitor to deal with. Gorgon does not want to retreat and still wants a piece of Jerry. The other Hydra leaders override Gorgon and they all teleport away from the scene.

We see the HAMMER agents that are still standing surround Daisy and Nick Fury. Fury shouts that the remaining HAMMER agents have five seconds to put down their guns before Nick kills all of them. The HAMMER agents lower their guns. Nick says that Dum Dum is starting a school for Nick Fury's wayward sons. Nick asks if any of the HAMMER agents want to come home.

We cut to "later" and see that the HAMMER agents have decided to re-join Nick Fury. The ex-HAMMER agents are all celebrating with their old comrades in the Howling Commandos. Gabe tells Nick that 3,000 HAMMER agents have defected over to Nick Fury's side. Gabe says that Nick was right and that he should never have disagreed with Nick. Nick retorts "Then let's not let that happen again, Gabe. " Gabe responds "Yes, sir."

Nick tells Dum Dum to come take a walk with him. Nick says that they need to increase recruitment in a compressed amount of time. Nick says that he will need three divisions worth of men. Olivia Hooks is the only psi-agent they have, but that she can scrub anyone questionable clean. Nick says that he does not want any screw-ups.

Dum Dum says that Nick's plans are going to require some serious cash. Dum Dum asks if Nick has that type of money. Nick retorts, "Who said I was payin' for it?" Nick then tells Dum Dum that he has one month. And then they get serious.

Dum Dum replies that if Nick gives him a month then Dum Dum will give Nick the "baddest bunch of evil bastards" the world has ever seen. Dum Dum says that he will give Nick Howling Commandos that are ready to "Bark at the moon and bite at the sun." Dum Dum says that he will raise a d*mn army.

We shift forward to that night in The Straight, the hidden base of the Secret Warriors. We see Nick at his desk with a bottle of alcohol. Daisy enters the room and says that she wants answers. Daisy asks when did Nick get his own personal army in the Howling Commandos. Daisy says that she jumped her team into the middle of a war zone because Nick told her that if the panic button ever went off for her and the Secret Warriors to come running. Daisy says that she could have gotten her team killed because she hopped when Nick hit a button.

Nick comments that instead Daisy's team saved the day. Nick says that Daisy and the Secret Warriors did a fine job today and that he is proud of them. Nick then reveals that he never called for Daisy and the Secret Warriors. Daisy asks who hit the panic button. Nick sits there silent. Daisy comments that the lies never end with Nick. Nick retorts that it is what they do.

Nick pours himself another drink and says that Daisy has to face some cold hard facts. Nick says that there are questions that Daisy will never get answers to. That there are things going on that Daisy does not get to know about. Nick says that Daisy will rest assured that Nick will never slip up and reveal any of his secrets. Nick says if Daisy has a question to ask it now.

Daisy asks who pushed the panic button. Daisy asks what other groups are out there like hers. Daisy asks why Nick needs his own army. Nick sits there and says nothing. Daisy asks if Nick is ever going to trust her. Nick replies that the best he can say is that he wants to trust Daisy. Nick says that very few people even get that far with him. Daisy leaves the room.

Nick's cell phone rings. Nick says "Speak of the devil." Nick answers the phone. It is the Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Contessa asks how Nick's day has been. Nick replies that it has just been another Monday. Nick then asks if Contessa has been behaving or if she has been up to no good.

We cut to Contessa in the Lady Hydra costume and holding the box from the Yashida Clan. The box is open. Contessa replies "Oh, the latter and trust me NickyI haven't even started being bad, yet." End of issue.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Spawn #194
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Spawn #194

Synopsis: We open with an old man and his bodyguard listening to subordinates talk to him. They mention Patient 47 (Jim Downing, the new Spawn) and how the building blew up when he was attacked. Someone else walks in the door, he yammers on about Patient 47 and the body guard kills him. The old man soon orders the others out of his office.

We cut to a bar where Jim walks in the front door. He sits down, the bartender warns him theyre going to close in ten minutes. Jim starts asking about Sanchez when a man with a gun has Jim step out back, Jim mentions how clich this is (at least someone gets it) and he soon takes out the gunman and goes all Spawn and asks where he can find someone who knows about Sanchez. (the only worthwhile enjoyable moment in this comic)

Sam is shouting at someone on the phone when another officer alerts them. They go to the prison cells where Clown and the Vampire guy where being held and theyve escaped, writing See You Later on the wall. Sam says he wants to see the security tapes.

The cop who was planning to go to New York arrives at JFK airport, talks to a friend and then heads out after she tells him to take care.

Later that night the reporter who has been looking into the hospital explosion and the odd miracle cures that came from people who where around Jim is up late at night, coughing up a storm as his friend mocks him for being up so late. After a mildly funny cubicle salute he gets a call and is warned that hes getting into some serious sh*t and that he should keep an eye on his girlfriend. The mystery caller also tells him that the Patient hes looking for is Jim Downing, and then hangs up.

We see a kid being put to bed by his mother. His father arrives home just before he goes to be and its the agent that Jim was interrogating a few issues back. After the kid goes to bed Jim shows up and the agent and him are heading for the door when his kid wakes up to ask who hes talking to, then out of nowhere the house explodes.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Captain America: Reborn #2
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Captain America: Reborn #2

Synopsis: The issue begins with Steve Rogers as Captain America in the middle of a battle using his shield to deflect bullets as he runs towards the Nazi army firing at him. As Steve does so he is thinking about how he remembers how this whole battle with the Hitler's army.  Steve also remembers that the battle he currently is fighting is battle to stop demonic forces from aiding the Nazi forces. Steve thinks how he stops the Nazi army from releasing the demonic force though at the cost of many of the soldiers he is currently fighting alongside of at the moment.

As Steve thinks about reliving his past he starts to brawl with Master Man. As he fights Master Man, Steve thinks to himself that everything going on feels too real to be an illusion caused by the Red Skull or Doctor Faustus. Steve knocks out Master Man by slamming him on top of a car.

Steve thinks he needs Tony Stark or Reed Richards help to figure things out. But as he tries think more about the situation a sudden flash of light appears. Captain America screams out "d*mn it!" as the light consumes him.

Steve then sees that he has timed jumped (Quantum Leaps?) yet again into the Oval Office where the President asks Captain America if he is okay as he has never heard Cap cuss before. Steve tells the President he is fine. The President says he is glad to hear that and they both walk out of the office into an awaiting press.   Steve thinks to himself that he needs a scientist to explain what is happening to him to help return back to his own time.

We cut to within the HAMMER helicarrier were Captain America (Bucky) and Black Widow are fighting a bunch of HAMMER agents and Ares and Venom. Bucky starts fighting Ares and thinks to himself that while he likes fighting unbeatable odds this time he might be over his head.

Bucky dodges one of Ares axe slashes and throws his shield at a bunch of HAMMER agents, knocking them out. Bucky asks himself how this fight will get them closer to finding Steve, if it is possible. Ares swings his axe at Bucky yet again but Bucky is able to block the strike with his shield while Natasha continues to shot Venom.

Natasha tells Bucky to go grab the car and leave while she holds off Ares, Venom, and the HAMMER agents. Bucky says he is not leaving.  Natasha says Bucky must leave because Osborn is blocking their communication signals and that the others need to know Osborn has the device. Bucky tells her that they will tell the others together.

Natasha shoots Ares which does not affect the God of War. At the same time, Venom is able to nail Captain America with a kick to the jaw that sends him flying. Venom grabs and knocks out Natasha. He then grabs Captain America, who was distracted by Ares, and Ares knocks him out with a punch to the head.  Ares says that Osborn wants Cap and Natasha alive.

We cut to The Baxter Building where Reed Richards and Hank Pym are running some test on Sharon Carter. Sharon asks Hank if he's heard from Sam (Falcon) yet. Hank tells her that he has not heard anything yet. Reed tells Sharon to stop moving as the scan has to be precise.

Reed asks Hank what Falcon is doing to which Hank says he already told Reed. Reed says he was over multi-tasking at the time and that Hank should be lucky he was allowed in his lab.

Hank tells Reed that Falcon and Vision are on a recon mission to find Captain America and Black Widow because they went silent last night trying to recover Doom's device.

Reed says that wasn't it and that Hank mentioned that Zola referred to Sharon as the "Constant." Hank says Reed is correct. Reed then says there is something in Sharon's bloodstream that he can't lock onto but looks familiar.

Reed than remembers that Tony Stark sent him Steve Rogers' autopsy file.

Hank asks why he waited now to mention this. Reed tells Hank that there was something about the rapid cellular decay that Tony did not like. Reed then asks Hank to tell him about Falcon's recon mission again.

We cut a room were Norman is offering Crossbones and Sin a mission that he feels only the two of them can do. Crossbones tells Norman they do not work for traitors but Sin tells Crossbones to let Norman talk.

Norman says Sin is right because he holds the only key out of the room that isn't a bullet to the head though he doesn't think that Captain America's murderer expects anything less. Crossbones asks if he fell asleep through his trial to which Norman reacts by saying "TrialNow who's the comedian?"

Norman goes on to explain that the two of them are enemy combatants who committed a terrorist act on domestic soil and no one ever said they would get a trial. Norman continues to say that now he that he took his position he has learned more about Captain America's assassination from Dr. Zola that makes the two of them more useful.

Sin asks how does that work. Norman replies by saying that a reborn Captain America under his control is a great asset to him even if it is Red Skull's mind in Captain America's body. He then takes out Crossbones' mask and asks "Now, do we have a deal?"

The scene shifts to 1940 were Steve has leap into the time were the man who made him Captain America, Dr. Erskine, is running the final test before he became Captain America. Steve thinks to himself if he is controlling all of these shifts to times in his life. Steve asks the doctor about time travel and if someone were to go back in time and killed Hitler before the war started what would happen.

Dr. Erskine explains to Steve that doing that would alter the future and in this altered future they might not even exist. He tells Steve that if he really wants to have a conversation about the subject he will introduce Steve to his friend Albert. Steve asks if he means Albert Einstein which the professor replies by saying yes.

Steve and Dr. Erskine into the room were Steve will go under the transformation into being Captain America. As Steve drinks the Super-Soldier Serum and is bathed in the rays transforming into Captain America he thinks about what Dr. Erskine said. He thinks how he can do nothing but let everything play out the same way it did before and allow Heinz Kruger, a Nazi Spy, watch his transformation and strike.

As soon as Steve completes his transformation Heinz shots Dr. Erskine from the viewing platform. Steve attacks and kills Heinz by throwing him at the machine that transformed him. He then picks up Dr. Erskine's body while being ask by his superior if he is okay. Steve says he is but thinks to himself how this is all torture and asking himself why he is there.

Back in the present at the HAMMER Helicarrier Norman is in his office having a conversation with Bucky and Natasha, whose arms are in shackles, about how they must be wondering why they are there. Bucky says he thinks Norman wants his autograph and he will give it to Norman if he takes of his shackles. (I guess Bucky has taken the Spider-Man 101: Quipping with Foes class while being part of the New Avengers.)

Norman tells Bucky he has always wanted to meet him but he thought he was dead the whole time but says they all die once or twice. Natasha tells Norman just to tell them want he wants and put them in their cells. Norman tells them he does not want anything from them and all he wanted was to show them something. He then shows them a news report about a HAMMER agent releasing information that Steve's real killer was Sharon Carter and that she has now on the nation's most wanted list.

Bucky calls Norman an SOB and says Sharon was an innocent victim. Norman retorts by saying no one is innocent. He continues by saying that he is going to release Natasha so she can deliver a message for him. Natasha says she won't be doing anything for him. Norman tells her that she will deliver the message to Sharon and tell her she has 24 hours to turn herself in or she will have more than the fate of one Captain America on her conscience. End of issue.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Invincible Iron Man #16
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Invincible Iron Man #16

Synopsis: The issue starts in Tony Stark's secret base in Russian Federation Kirensk where Madame Masque has Pepper Potts tied up to a chair and Tony pinned on the ground showing him her real face. Madame Masque tells Tony to see the monster she sees herself as. Tony tells Madame Masque that all he sees is a sad woman who is mentally ill.

Tony continues to say that even with all that he loved her.  Madame Masque replies by saying over and over that she loves Tony.  While that is happening Pepper can do nothing but watch what she says is torture.

Madame Masque starts talking about how even though she is seeing someone (The Hood) that she is still willing to go on the run with Tony. She starts rambling about how romantic it will be being two lovers on the run. As she talks Pepper's suit turns on.

We cut to Natasha's apartment in New York City where Maria Hill's cell phone is ringing.  Natasha asks Maria if she will answer her phone. Maria tells Natasha that she does not have anything to say to the people that she used to know especially after having the Controller in her head.

Natasha says Maria really knows how to instill confidence in someone. Maria becomes upset by the comment as Natasha does not have the right to judge her. Natasha then tells Maria that she will not endanger Bucky,  Natasha says that they will go through the meeting tonight as Natasha hopes that Maria is still a gifted secret agent that she was once was. She ends the conversation by saying that the second Maria blows it that they will die and Norman will win.

We cut to Avengers Tower where Norman Osborn is trying to make his Iron Patriot suit work better. Osborn becomes frustrated that he cannot figure out the suit created by Tony. Osborn then has his computer look for Madame Masque but as soon as it finds her communicator the locator is turned off. However, Norman is still confident that Madame Masque can handle the mission given to her.

The scene shifts back to Russia were Madame Masque tells Tony he is all she ever needed and proceeds to put her mask on Tony so he can see how much they are alike. As this happens, we see that Pepper's armor is almost done assembling itself with all that's left is the helmet.

But as soon as Madame Masque puts the mask on Tony, she sees that Pepper's armor moving and tries to shot Pepper with her gun. Tony is able to trip Madame Masque and her bullet misses Pepper. Pepper's armor then uses its repulsor blast to destroy the rest of the bullets Madame Masque fired at Pepper's direction.

Madame Masque kicks Tony in the face and then grabs him by the neck and points her gun at his head.  Madame Masque asks who does Tony choose: her or Pepper. Tony's answer is Pepper.

Madame Masque points her gun at some gas tanks and shots them causing them to explode. At the same time, Pepper's armor frees her from being tied up in time before the big explosion happens.

Back in Natasha's place Maria is in the middle of taking a shower when she suddenly flashes back to what the Controller did to her. She starts freaking out and falls to on the floor of the bathroom. Natasha rushes into the bathroom and hugs Maria telling her everything is okay.

Later that night Maria falls asleep after taking a few pills. Natasha decides that Maria is not in any shape to complete the mission. She decides to try and find out what is on the disk that Tony left in the care of Maria by going to see one of her tech guys to decipher the disk.

Back in Russia we see Pepper crawling towards an unconscious Tony while the base they are in is on fire. Pepper wakes Tony up and tells him not to worry about Madame Masque as her suit, Rescue (still a horrible name by the way), had some reserve power and JARVIS was able to use it to protect them.

Suddenly, Madame Masque attacks Pepper and they start fighting with Madame Masque telling Pepper she does not love Tony like she does. As the two women fight Pepper's grabs Madame Masque and is able to restrain her by holding her against a wall.

Pepper then goes back to Tony and tells him he must leave while she handles Madame Masque. Tony tells Pepper he is not going to leave her behind. Pepper tells Tony that while she knows that Tony would never leave her that he must put on his suit and leave her behind or else Norman will win. Pepper says that this is what Tony trained her to do. Tony and Pepper kiss while Madame Masque watches and screams out that she will kill them.

After they finish their kiss Tony, with the help of Pepper, puts on his Iron Man suit as the room they are in starts crumbling. Tony and Pepper say their final goodbyes and Tony leaves right as Pepper's suits power runs out. With Tony gone Pepper and Madame Masque charge at one another to finish off their fight they started earlier.

We cut back to NYC on Ludlow Street where Natasha enters a store with only a kid in it who ask Natasha what she wants. Natasha tells the kid she wants to talk to his boss. The kid takes out a scanner to scan Natasha's face. Natasha tells Chen, the kid's boss, to let her in before she breaks the kid's nose. The kid opens a secret door in the store were Chen is in a room. Chen tells Natasha to come in before the cops see him.

Natasha hands Chen Maria's disk and ask him if he can tell her wants on it. Chen tells Natasha it is Starktech that is not consumer grade tech and that he has run across similar tech here and there. Chen tells Natasha he can't help her right now.

Natasha leaves asking Chen if he runs across any tech that will help her to call her. As she leaves Chen calls someone to let them know Natasha visited him with some Starktech.

Somewhere in the sky Tony is flying to the next base he has to go to.  Tony thinks about how he should not have been a coward and just leave Pepper behind. As he repeats this in his head we see that some one is tracking Tony.  The guy tracking Tony tells his men they are going to Afghanistan, Tony's current destination. End of issue.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Amazing Spider-Man #601
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Amazing Spider-Man #601

Synopsis: After the events of #600 with Spider-Man and Human Torch taking on Dock Ock, J. Jonah Jameson (Oh, come onits JJJ, take a wild guess what hes doing after something Spider-man did. Go ahead. Take a wild guess and if you know this character, then you know d*mn well what hes doing) thinks Doc Ock and Spidey are in cahoots (Surprise! How original for his character!) and tells the media to hate him even when they give evidence as to otherwise. He insists that Spidey is a menace. (Wow, what a great mayor. Forget about the economic problems, pot-holes in the city or crime rates just focus your entire man power on Spider-man. Who the F*** voted for him?)

Peter wakes up with a hang-over (and who says comics arent for kids? ) trying to remember what happened last night after MJ showed up. Peter gets drunk on 11 bottles of champagne and when he turns around he finds that hes in bed with Michelle. He freaks out, she freaks out, she tells him to get out so he leaves. (Ill take drunk one-night stand Spider-Man over 30 year old virgin)

Spider-Man thinks about how he should start a blog called (Id write for it) while figuring that hes screwed and out of a place to stay. All the while remembering that he and MJ scheduled a date but he blacks out as to when and where the date is as a thief shows up.

Spider-Man webs him up. The police get mad at how long its going to take them to get him out of the webbing. The newsstand owner is upset that Spider-Mans webbing ruined the magazines. The police shout that hes a menace as he swings off.

Peter thinks he can crash at Aunt Mays since shes off on her wedding. He opens the door to find the Riley family (distant from May but meh, what can you do about family?) and they speak what I can only decipher as Irish of some kind and he soon runs off. When he goes to find Peter the apartment building door guy tells Peter that Harry moved out become of economic problems.

He goes to Betty but she just got a new roommate. All the while she reveals that Bennet is laying off people and is getting furious and shouting at everyone (its like Jonah never left) to keep working.

Spider-Man is swinging by when the empire state building catches fire and a massive fire stars. Spider-Man swings to the rescue and after breaking some pipes clears a path through the fire so the people can escape. After talking to the firefighters he remembers that he and MJ where to supposed to meet at Grand Central Station, he waits for her but she never shows up.

MJ wakes up later to find out she got so drunk and was up so late that she slept all day. She turns on the TV, sees the fire and how Spider-Man saved the people and says Nice Work, Tiger letting us assume she knows Peter is Spider-Man.

Peter arrives home to find a plate of cookies for him made by Michelle. He happily starts eating and thinks to himself how he really could go for a cold glass of milk just for us to see the fridge is chained up with the note sucker on it.

In the backup story Spider-Man shows up at the New Avengers HQ (or the apartment as I call it) and he and Jessica Jones talk. They talk about how he was her inspiration, how he was so great to her as a kid and about his saying and how great it is. It ends with Spider-Man telling her that to be a good example for her kid she should become Jewel again. She smiles and thanks him as he goes off to join the other Avengers.

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Amazing Spider-Man #601
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Spidey's always getting into weird crap. lol

But looks like a deeper plot than usual.  :-*

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Re: Rokk's Comic Book Revolution Reviews - Blackest Night #2
« Reply #14 on: August 17, 2009, 07:01:51 PM »
Blackest Night #2

Synopsis: We begin with the Atom (Ray Palmer) calling back Hawkman. Zombie Hawkman answers the phone. Ray begs for Carter to not hang up on him. Ray talks about how he cannot stop thinking about Jean and what a beautiful and smart woman she was when they first met. (Before she became a murderous bitch who killed one of your best friend's wife.) Ray says that he always thought he was so lucky to end up with a woman like Jean. Black Lantern Hawkman tells Ray to hop on over via the phone so they can talk in person. Ray answers that he will be right there.

We cut to Gotham City where Commissioner Gordon and Barbara are hanging out on top of the Gotham Police Department HQ. Gordon has the Batsignal on. Gordon says that the night feels so much darker than usual and that he is afraid to cut off the Batsignal. Barbara says that while she was rehabbing from being paralyzed by the Joker that there was a saying posted in her rehab facility. This saying was "No matter how dark the night gets, the sun still rises in the morning."

Barbara says that she worked hard and always got up early enough to see the sun rise while rehabbing. Barbara says that she loves life. Barbara says that she will stay here through the night with her father to see the sun come up in the morning. Gordon comments how Barbara is an amazing person. Barbara answers "Like father, like daughter."

Suddenly, Hal Jordan comes crashing down into the Batsignal and breaks it into pieces.

We cut to Amnesty Bay and see Mera and Tempest along with a bunch of Atlantean soldiers arriving on the beach. Mera tells Garth that she will allow him to move Aquaman's body to Atlantis if it means Atlantis accepting Garth as their new King. Garth swears to be a good King.

They arrive at Aquaman's grave and see that the grave has been torn open. Mera and Garth wonder which villain would desecrate Aquaman's grave. Suddenly, Zombie Aquaman appears in front of Mera and Garth.

Black Lantern Aquaman says that he is their King and that he preferred being buried in the mud with the surface people rather than being buried in Atlantis. Zombie Aquaman rants that he was hunted as a child by the Atlanteans due to his father's heritage. Zombie Aquaman rants that the Atlanteans then begged him to give his blood to help rebuild their empire. And once he did that the Atlanteans hunted him down again. Aquaman says that it is now his time to hunt.

We zip over to Gotham City and see Deadman's soul curls up in a fetal position. Deadman stammers that he does not want to come back. We then see Deadman's body getting a black power ring and tearing free from his grave.

We hop over to a graveyard in Washington, DC. We see the graves for Hank Hall (Hawk) and Don Hall (Dove). Two black power rings arrive at the two graves. The black power ring next to Don Hall's grave says "Don Hall of Earth. Ri-- Don Hall of Earth at peace." The black power ring repeats those same words over and over.

We see the black power ring outside of Hank Hall's grave telling Hank to rise. Hank rips out of his grave and puts on the black power ring. Hawk says that as always he has to do all the dirty work himself.

We cut back to Amnesty Bay with Mera, Garth and the Altantean soldiers fighting with Zombie Aquaman. Suddenly, Zombie Dolphin and Zombie Tula appear on the scene and attack Garth. Tula blames Garth for letting her drown in toxic waters. Zombie Aquaman gets the upper hand on Mera.

The Atlantean soldiers then rush to Mera's aide. Aquaman then uses his telepathy to summon a bunch of great white sharks that blast out of the water and tear apart the Atlantean soldiers.

We slide back to Boston Brand's (Deadman) empty grave. Phantom Stranger, Blue Devil, Spectre and Zatanna have all assembled to investigate what happened to Deadman. Suddenly, a hooded Black Lantern appears and says "Worlds have died. Worlds will rise." The Black Lantern then pulls back his hood and we see that it is Pariah. (Cool!) Zombie Pariah says that even in death he cannot escape his penance. Suddenly, a black power ring zips onto the scene and calls out for Crispus Allen.

The black power ring slides onto the Spectre's finger. Black Hand watches the scene and says that the Spectre's power is ineffective against the power of Black Hand's master. Black Hand says that the ones who have lived beyond death like Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Spectre had to be removed first in order for the universe to finally achieve silence, darkness and peace. We then see the Spectre transform into a Black Lantern. Zombie Spectre yells "I want Hal Jordan back!"

We shift back to Gotham where Gordon and Barbara help Hal Jordan get to his feet. Hal asks if he can borrow Gordon's car. We see the Flash (Barry Allen) fighting with Martian Manhunter.

We hop back to Amnesty Bay where Zombie Aquaman is still battling Mera. Garth uses his powers to freeze Dolphins head into ice. Mera then shatters Dolphin's head. Tula continues fighting with Garth. We then see Zombie Dolphin re-grow her head. Tula then rips out Garth's heart. Garth dies.

A black power ring then arrives on the scene and slides onto Garth's finger. Garth becomes a Black Lantern. Zombie Aquaman, Zombie Garth, Zombie Tula and Zombie Dolphin stand together and urge Mera to join them. They say that they are family. Mera then turns tail and runs away.

We zip back to Barry brawling with Zombie Martian Manhunter. Barry reveals that he has been carefully grabbing vials full of certain chemicals and has been breaking them around Zombie J'onn's feet. Barry asks Zombie J'onn if he knows what all these chemicals have in common.

Hal then arrives on the scene with Gordon's car. Hal answers "I do. They're all flammable. Flash Fact." (I do love Flash Facts.) Hal drops the car on Zombie J'onn and suddenly Zombie J'onn is engulfed in flames. Barry runs around Zombie J'onn in order to make sure that the flames do no spread and Barry also creates one hell of a furnace.

Barry and Hal then stop and wait for the fire to die down. Barry asks if Hal has been able to find any information about the black rings from his fellow Green Lanterns. Hal says that he still cannot contact anyone on Oa. We see a black power ring arriving at Abin Sur's grave.

Barry says that when the fire dies down that he wants to take J'onn's remains to Mars for a proper resting place. Barry says that J'onn deserves better than this. That J'onn was the heart of the Justice League.

From the smoke we hear Zombie Martian Manhunter's voice say "Heart, Barry? I have no heart." The smoke clears and out steps the Zombie Justice League of America. We see Zombie Martian Manhunter flanked by Zombie Hawkman, Zombie Hawkgirl, Zombie Firestorm, Zombie Elongated Man and Zombie Sue Dibny. Zombie J'onn says "I gave my heart to the League." Ralph Dibny says "We all did, J'onn. Now it's your turn to return the favor, fellas." End of issue.