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Red Robin (BATMAN REBORN) #1 Spoiler
« on: June 11, 2009, 12:52:33 PM »

Tim has entered Paris, and has tracked down a gang of thugs that have kidnapped a little girl for ransom. Tim wearing the Red Robin uniform is leaner and sleeker than the usual look, more like a caped Daredevil, and wears regular Black boots, and not the edged ones in Kingdom Come. Tim also still uses the staff which is a nice touch.

Tim gangbusts into the hide out with ruthless intent busting bones, and laying waste to the hoodlums. He finds the girl, and the gang unleashes one of their members that can blast flames from his hands. Tim grabs the thug by the hand and headbuts him square in the nose ending his assault. By now the hideout has burst into flame from the idiots flame blasts and Red Robin grabs the girl and dives out the window and hands her over to French authorities.

Tim is now living and Paris, and is a mental wreck. Tim washes his burnt hand and begins to reflect on why he came to France. Batman (Nightwing) has told Tim that Damian needs him, and asks that Damian take the Robin role. Tim is furious with Dick and says Damian is a disgrace to the costume and Damian smarts off repeatedly to Tim. Tim decks Damian, and Damian says I let you hit me so youd feel like your worth something, cuz lord knows your not Dick stops Tim, and tells Damian to shut his mouth. Tim is furious with Dick, and tells him that he needs him right now, but Dick insists that this is for the best. Tim angrily says hes leaving for good.

Tim sits on the floor as he reflects on everything and looks at his burnt hand, and says that was stupid to grab the fist, Tim Drake would never let that happen but then he says wait, Im Tim Wayne, my name is Tim Wayne, hes alive I know hes alive, I may be crazy but I know Bruce is alive. Everyone else has given up, but I cant, he wouldnt give up on me.

We then see Tims Paris apartment has a map on the wall with various locations Tim is investigatin in the world. As Tim looks on at his map 3 hoodlums spy on Tim, and a skinhead chick remarks on how hot Tim is. A black male gang member picks uphis communicator, and says Boss weve found him We then see Ras Al Ghul sitting in a chair, and says yes, we have indeed

Continued next issue
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Re: Red Robin (BATMAN REBORN) #1 Spoiler
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2009, 03:13:44 PM »
BACK TO PARIS, like in the first robin mini serie, i like the idea.

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Re: Red Robin (BATMAN REBORN) #1 Spoiler
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2009, 12:00:27 AM »
OOOh this had a nice cliff hanger  :)

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Re: Red Robin (BATMAN REBORN) #1 Spoiler
« Reply #3 on: June 16, 2009, 10:34:01 AM »
Here is a review I found online:

Review: Red Robin #1

I grew up hating Robin. As a young boy in the early 70s, the only Boy Wonders I knew were Burt Ward and the Filmation version. The Boy Blunder, the Human Hostage; could there be a lamer hero? When my friends and I played Superhero, we always made the least popular kid wear the yellow towel cape clothes-pinned to his neck. The comics became my salvation; Batman was solo, dark, and very cool. Dick Grayson in university or paired up with Batgirl made Robin a little more interesting, but when he became Nightwing, Im sure you could hear a collective cheer from Bat-fans. Then came Jason Todd, well enough said.dead!

In August 1989, DC tried again. Batman #436 and Marv Wolfman introduced us to Tim Drake. This time it was different. Tim was capable, smart and very cool. To the surprise of most, he became the quintessential Robin for a new generation. Now the torch has been reluctantly passed to Damien, and Tim Wayne is searching for a new identity. Red Robin #1 is the beginning.

Aptly named The Grail, the first arc of the series brings us to Europe where Tim, now donning the Red Robin costume, begins his search for Bruce who he believes is still alive. Writer Chris Yost intertwines Tims inner struggle to deal with his loss and longing for stability, with heroic action sequences in each city he visits. Tim is depicted as an incredibly capable and intelligent superhero. His analytical approach to combat is a tribute to his mentor. Emotionally, Tim is distraught and obsessed. He is certain Bruce is alive, but is it because of the evidence, or is it because he cant accept what everyone else believes to be the truth? Yost gives us a protagonist that is the most human of all the Bat-family. As he has always been, Tim (Drake) Wayne is a character we can identify with.

Surprisingly for me, the scene that was the least effective was the confrontation between Tim, and Dick and Damien (in costume) in the Batcave, where Tim learns that Damien is the new Robin. First, didnt they abandon the cave for the bunker in Wayne Enterprises? Second, what should have been an incredibly dramatic moment, that profoundly explored the sibling rivalry between the three most important characters in TBU, was short and stereotyped. Although admittedly, I did chuckle when an insolent Damien tells an upset Tim, Sorry Drake, youre still part of the teammaybe the Batgirl costume is available.

I also wish Yost would have shown Tim using more of his detective skills in coming to the realization that Bruce is alive. Maybe that will come in future issues. The issue ends with Tim searching for self-reassurance to propel his determination..and a very cool reveal on the last page that makes this family affair even more intriguing.

The art style by Ramon Bachs was generally exciting, although I found his facials a bit strange. He draws a thick dark streak down the cheek bone and rounded lines around the nose of every character. Not only is it not aesthetically appealing, the faces lack distinguishable features. Also, for some reason his two front shots of Robin looked amateur and ridiculous. Fortunately, I didnt find this indicative of the rest of the book. Most importantly, his Red Robin was penciled with a fierceness and maturity that is appropriate for this new direction. A definite bonus was the cover by one of my favorite artists; Francis Manapul.

Overall, I think this title has a lot of potential for interesting plot lines and character growth. I liked this first issue, but it needs to improve over the next several months for it to find a place in Bat-fans permanent shopping list.

Red Robin #1:

Reviewed by TiggerBrown