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Batman #687 Spoilers
« on: June 10, 2009, 02:11:20 PM »

Im not too big on Mr. Realworld 3 Judd Winick but this was a decent issue, with some real heartfelt moments I never thought I would see.

The issue starts off with Nightwing taking the Batmobile through Gotham running hit, and run attacks on criminals. Back at the Batcave Alfred asks him what he thinks hes doing, and why he isnt stepping up to the plate. Dick continues to avoid taking the role because he is hurt, not because he doesnt want to do it. Alfred says if your not intending on embracing your legacy then what the hell are you doing here? Later Superman and Wonderwoman show up to bring Alfred Batmans remains and the costume telling Alfred that they believe they should be given to him.

Superman asks Alfred if he is alright, and Alfred says no My Son is dead, I am not alright.  Tim, Damian, and Dick all appear to weep. Nightwing goes outside the manor and continues in tears to say that he always knew he wouldnt see Bruce get old, and grey, but he just wasnt ready to say goodbye. Alfred finds him and tells him that Dick has always been the son he could talk to, that he doesnt put up the walls that Bruce did. He said they cannot let people know even with the remains. Otherwise the heroes will gather and and mile long parades will be held for Batman, and that is not honoring Bruces legacy.

A private funeral is held for Bruce with mostly Justice League members, Supes, Wonderwoman, and Green Arrow are shown in the forefront. Meanwhile Alfred tries to continue to train Damian only to find him missing from the cave. Alfred tells Dick that he is good kid inside, but he may need his help in raising Damian. We then see Damian perching watching Dr Phosphorus break into a lab. Damian leaps and attacks Phosphorus, and holds his own. The fight is interrupted by an explosion, and we see Nightwing with a bazooka has shot phosphorus with a exploding foam rocket. Nightwing tells Damian all the things he did wrong in the fight.

Later Alfred and dick find a large warehouse room in Wayne Towers, and Dick says this is where were going to do it. I cant be in that cave, and I cant be him. If I am going to do this I have to do it as myself, and be my own Batman, simply carrying on the legacy not impersonating it

The room looks like the one Bruce and Alfred use in the Dark Knight Film

Dick says I will teach Damian, but there will be times I have to go it alone. Alfred says that doesnt sound any different than what Master Wayne wouldve done.

Flashing back to Gotham Scarecrow has taken hostages and is planning to blow a giant gas cloud of hallucinogenic fear toxin into Gotham driving everyone mad (pretty much typical Scarecrow) The swat teams try to rescue the hostages and find out the toxic gas also eats through their bio-suits. Just as they plunge into the river, and Scarecrow declares victory a blinding light shines on him. Scarecrow looks up to see the new Batman staring down at him.

The End

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Re: Batman #687 Spoilers
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2009, 02:28:13 PM »
First off the cover is awesome  8) But really the only thing I was surprised about was the Dark knight looking room? I think it would be cool to see more of the dark locales from the movie in the comics...
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Re: Batman #687 Spoilers
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2009, 12:09:30 PM »
wow, a good judd wining story involving nightwing, that s a first.
I didn t like the way he wrote him in outsiders. And i just bought the titans tpb, i haven t read it. So i hope the stories will still be good in two months.