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Last week part 2 of Neil Gaimans epic farewell to Batman after his Death in Final Crisis at the hands of Darkseid was released.

Picking up where Part 1 left off Batman continues watching the strange funeral that is going on around his ghostly presence. Various Gotham characters including Joker, Robin, and the Mad Hatter continue tell different, strange, and bizarre tales of how the Batman died. Batman continues to wonder who the ghostly voice that guides him is. As the funeral continues Batman notices a door in the room he has not noticed before. He feels compelled to go into the room, and walks through. As he enters a star filled sky he looks to notice that the ghostly woman guiding him is his Mother Martha.

She says have you figured it out yet? Batman says yes, Im going through an NDE (near death experience) Im not dead, but Im very close arent I? She says very close. He tells her he doesnt believe in the after life, and that he believes her to be an experience created by his mind. She says that it matters little, and that the few good years you had with your parents were more than many people get in their lifetime, and unfortunately the only reward you get for being Batman is that you get to be Batman

She then says its time to say goodnight, Do you remember your goodnight book? He opens the book, and sees Alfred. Good Night Alfred, turns the page, and sees Robin. Good Night Robin, turns the page, and sees Joker. Good Night Joker turns the page and sees Gordon, Catwoman, and various other characters, good night everyone. He sees the stars, and the Bat-signal in the sky. He says Goodnight Bat-signal, goodnight stars, Goodnight.

The Bat in the Bat-Signal starts to change shape like an ink blot drawing, and gets closer panel to panel until it forms what looks looks like 2 hands reaching into the light. The 2 hands then reach into the light and emerge holding a baby. The Doctor gives the baby to the Mother, and the Doctor says Mrs. Wayne here is your son. She holds her child and says Hello Bruce

-The End-

Yeah, I know its geeky but I loved it. The Death into life out of the Bat-Signal was drawn beautiful with the baby, and the idea that Batman would never die, just be reincarnated as himself over, and over has an eternal quality. He says he doesnt believe in an afterlife, and his mother says more or less thats good because there is no great reward. That his only reward for being Batman, is that he gets to be Batman That it must continue on one life after the next.

Neil Gaiman is just brilliant

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Re: Batman" Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader part 2 of 2 SPOILERS"
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Talk about Bat-geek heaven...I can't wait to see the panels in this one  :D *logs out to go pick it up*

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Alex, that was awesome, thanks for the contribution! :)