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Something big is coming to CrusaderCast! Click and guess what!!

Bdc released Superior Spiderman! Click here to download the character and provide your feedback!

Bdc released his long awaited game Shi'ar invasion! Click here to download it and read more!

Symbiote Team releases Toxin from Symbiote Wars project as part of the Trick or Treat Halloween Event 2015. Click here for all the details!

Empawk Team releases Custom Guile as part of the Trick or Treat Halloween Event 2015. Click here to download Guile!

Donít forget to check some the updated CrusaderCast Mugen WIPS! Click each characterís sprite to see the general progress so far!

Polaris by X-Pachin and Daraku
Star Sapphire by Daraku
Motaro by Supaman2525
Professor Zoom by Mon-el!
Vulcan by Blagoy
Lodestone by Daraku, Alexbunton87 and Shun Andromeda

Captain Britain by CrusaderCast forum members

Click to download the brand new Mugen community releases in CrusaderCast. To download them just click on each character!

Take a look of the new WIPS featured in CrusaderCast recently. Click on each character and view all the progress!

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