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Daraku and Supaman2525 are revamping Scorn! Not long for Scorn 2.0 to come to Mugen! Click here to see her new progress!

Alexziq presents a new version of Joker for Legends of the Dark Knight Project. Click here for all the details!

Daraku released Eric Windsor from Fightin' Spirit Click here for the download link!

After a long anticipation Mon-el and O Illusionista released Dr Fate Beta. Click here for all the details!

Check the latest releases from the CrusaderCast Teams

Click to download the brand new Mugen community releases in CrusaderCast. To download them just click on each character!

Take a look of the new WIPS featured in CrusaderCast recently. Click on each character and view all the progress!

Get the latest stages releases by clicking on each stage picture!

Click here to download miscellaneous Mugen goodies to make your Mugen more attractive and original!

CrusaderCast stages/patches for World Champions screenpack by ELECTRO

Shadowlord9001 Palettes

Tsuyoi Small Portraits

Shadowlord9001 Sound Patches

Taybear. Small Portraits

Malovka1 Portraits

Except Mugen CrusaderCast supports other engines like RPG and OpenBOR! Click each project's picture and scroll through the pages to get the demo of each project!

Donít forget to check some the updated CrusaderCast Mugen WIPS! Click each characterís sprite to see the general progress so far!

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